Summary of Health Week 2019 at BCOE

"Run for your health!" in ArcelorMittal Business Center of Excellence

08 Oct 2019, BCOE news

Taking care for health is a full-time job. That is why every year in Business Center of Excellence Health Week takes place and the event is conducted in whole ArcelorMittal Group. Health Week, according to the principle of “Health and Safety”, aims at promoting a healthy lifestyle and encourages our employees to take care more about themselves.


This year's mission statement was  "Run for your health!"


During Health Week our emloyess have actively participated in the following actions:

  • Medical training „First aid for adults” (23.09)

  • Lecture online about “Movember” action, which aimed at raising public awareness about men's health problems (24.09)

  • Consultation with a nurse: measure your blood pressure, blood sugar, calculate BMI (25.09)

  • Medical training "Road rescue" (26.09)

  • Workshop with a specialist "How to take care for heart?" (27.09)

  • Workshop with a specialist "Run with open mind! - how to move stylishly, effectively and healthily - secret running art" (27.09)

In addition we have organized a Health Quiz, in which 89 employees took part and 3 of them picked all the correct answers. The winner was Katarzyna Lubomska from Aperam team, whom we warmly congratulate once again.

In total, over 220 BCOE employees took active part in Health Week. We hope that the organized actions have raised your health awareness and gave you possibility to learn more about yourself.

Below you can see photorelation from  Medical Training "Road Rescue".



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