Dreamnight at the ZOO

On Friday’s afternoon, June 02, Chorzów ZOO turned into place full of joy. It was already the fourth edition of Dreamnight at the ZOO.

03 Jun 2017, CSR activities

On Friday’s afternoon, June 02, Chorzów ZOO turned into place full of joy.  It was already the fourth edition of Dreamnight at the ZOO. The same as previous years, our company was actively involved in organization of this amazing event. Hundreds of people with disabilities and the chronically ill together with their caregivers attended this great event. Silesian Zoological Garden was waiting for them with plenty of attractions like : performances, face painting, rides in cars and motorcycles as well as a bonfire with roasted sausages, ice cream and other treats.

Our company was actively involved in this beautiful initiative, by sponsoring the sausages and baskets full of candies, which were distributed by our employees. This year more than 15 volunteers from our company was helping during preparation as well as were involved during the event. Volunteers also organized the drawing contest for kids which the little ones love. It was nice to see the smiles of the kids and gratitude for spending time with them. We are pleased that once again we were able to support this extraordinary initiative, and thus contribute to induce a smile on the faces of " Dreamnight at the ZOO”.







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