Katowice Business Run - 8th edition

Another run behind us! Thank you for your commitment!

11 Sep 2019, BCOE news, CSR activities

Katowice Business Run 2019 is a local edition of the country’s biggest charity business relay, which takes place in the ten largest cities in Poland.

This year, more than 4,000 competitors from several hundred different companies started, who in addition to sports competition, were joined by a common goal – helping people in need. Thanks to their commitment the total amount of money collected from “I Help More” action is 17 240 zł.

Business Run aims not only at supporting people with physical disabilities, but also at promoting an active lifestyle and integrating the local community with business. This day is not about the time at the finish line, but the opportunity to help those in need.

Our employees regularly participates and supports varied charity events as well as promotes healthy lifestyle. This year BCOE employees have once again participated in the Business Run creating 12 teams.

"In Business Run, I like the most the noble goal that guided this event, great sports atmosphere and all smiling people who, despite the rainy weather, decided to come with their families to support this action together" - says Barbara Rudy, who for the second time represented BCOE in relay race.

This year, the list of beneficiaries included Maja, who in October 2018, as a result of sepsis, underwent leg amputation, Krzysztof, a former soldier who lost a leg, Oliwier, who was born without the right forearm and hand, and also Marlena, who was born without two limbs.

According to the organizers, Poland Business Run has helped already 450 people by buying dentures, medical equipment, comprehensive rehabilitation and psychological support.

The popularity of the run and the accompanying unique atmosphere cause that from year to year there are not only more willing runners but also cities that undertake organization of the run.

We would like to thank all relay participants for their commitment to achieving this noble goal.



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